Unexpected Gift,Surprise Gift,Sweet Gift

“Love Her” ~ If You Can’t, it is YOUR Issue, Not Hers

Unexpected Gift,Surprise Gift,Sweet GiftToday, like yesterday, I am re-posting an article originally published in March of 2011. This past summer I removed many of my earlier articles from public viewing until I had a chance to re-read them and revise them. There is nothing in them that was wrong substantially…there were just some things that were too much for some people to handle…as Jack Nicholson says in A FEW GOOD MEN, “You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!” … I am going to give people only what they can handle. It is still REAL – it is just more palatable. And, again, I am not in the same place (literally and figuratively) as I was back then. It is less important to me whether you know or understand my story specifically as it is important to me that you understand that there are injured people in the world that need help and support and love. They are trying to feed and protect and care for their children and at the same time ward of attacks from every angle. My new friend Megan has written important messages in the blog www.cryingoutforjustice.com. Her article “Love Her” sparked me to re-post an article from September 2011 yesterday and this article from March 2011.   I hope you will look up Megan’s articles, and read this one as well. Thanks.

Each of us HAS and IS a gift.  The ONE Gift that I appreciate the most, especially right now in my life,  is the person who has the ability to approach any one… no matter how unapproachable a person seems… or how good or bad a person’s life is going in that moment. It is a Great Gift to be able to treat others with generosity, dignity, respect, concern and LOVE. If there is one lesson I want to learn in this life, it is how to look beyond a person’s circumstances, to remove my own preconceived notions about good/bad or right/wrong and TO SEE the PERSON… not their “problem”. I want to have the confidence to approach that person and still be me… to reach out with a spirit of giving and caring and compassion and let them know that I KNOW that they are more than where they are at the present. They have a past, and they will have a future and that I care for them no matter what. That is really how I want to be…I am not there. And in a perfect world, that is how I wish that people would be with me.

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Dedicated to Winning through Surrender

My new friend Megan wrote an article for the blog www.cryingoutforjustice.com yesterday called : “Love Her”. It made me think of a few old articles that I had written back in the fall of 2011. Last summer I took, “Dedicated to Winning”  and many of my other blogs off of public view. I have revised this blog from its original form, but the two messages are related …so I wanted to let you know about her article and suggest that you read it…and hopefully you will also read this one as well. Tomorrow I will re-post the other article I mention…it is even more in line with Megan’s request to “Love her.”Thanks!

First written September 2011 – Revised December 2012

I started to write this blog post first thing on Sunday morning…now it’s Thursday! I am completely at a loss for how 4 days can up and disappear. Actually I KNOW how it happens, I just don’t know what to do about it! Sometimes life gets in the way of living. I had every intention of completing this, but I got busy with whatever it is that always distracts me… breakfast, dishes, laundry, “take me here”, “I need this”, “Can you help me?”.  All of the things that took me away from sitting down to write were important and necessary, but in the back of my mind I could hear my dear old Grandmomma say, “The way to hell is paved with Good Intentions”. As a child I would nod my head, and contemplate exactly what that meant, and how I could avoid good intentions.

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A Brilliant Idea

For the next few days…maybe weeks, I am going to re-visit and re-post some of the articles that I first wrote almost two years ago. When I began writing my blog I was in a very “different place” figuratively and literally than I am now. Several months ago I removed many of my earlier writings because like all living things do, I had grown and changed and the words did not necessarily speak for who I was or where I was anymore. In trying to move on I did a form of “house-cleaning”, and I made private my earlier writings until I could read them through to see if they represented who I was and who I wanted to represent. The articles that originally appeared have been modified (some barely, others thoroughly). I am not interested in keeping a journal of mistakes and memories. I do not care to cling to hurts. I would rather explain how I got to the present and explore the future…so I hope that you will read and enjoy my revised writings. Peace.


First published in its original version January 2011. Revised November 2012.

A thought out of nowhere, connected to nothing…it flashes in a burst of brilliance straight into my unsuspecting mind….A thought, that in the moment, seems so profound that I know without a doubt that it will sear itself permanently into my brain… A thought so wonderful and life changing, so illuminating, that  I am positive that it will stay with me forever and always…

Inevitably though, earth-shaking notions come to me while I am driving down the interstate at 70 (or so!) with no pen, pencil or paper and no safe way to make a note to myself.  Or, I might solve a few of the world’s problems while standing in the grocery store’s shortest but slowest line, and by the time the debit card has been swiped, so has my mind.

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