Wake me with the morning light, Cades Cove,Sunrise in the Smokies

Wake Me with The Morning Light

Wake me with the morning light, Cades Cove,Sunrise in the SmokiesI don’t know about you, but I wish that when I was an impressionable wee lass that adults would have been a little more considerate of my nighttime fears. The thought of laying in my big bed alone (not counting my 39 stuffed animals)…in the dark (not counting my 4 night lights and the hall light and the bathroom light)… I could still hear the  floor boards creaking  and the wind moaning and tree limbs scratching on the window…and the sound of the TV too low to hear but loud enough to tell me that my mom and dad were at the other end of the house. What’s in the closet behind the clothes?  Did I just see the closet door open a little? Wasn’t it closed just a minute ago? What’s under the bed?  Is it going to grab my ankle and pull me under and eat all of my flesh and only leave my bones and the cartilage on my ear tops and my nose tip?

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The Wall by Jeff S There was a moment during my marriage (perhaps you could say it was the emotional end of my marriage), when “the wall” went up. It was the moment when I said “I realize that I do not know you, you are not safe for me, and I will not allow…

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Pastor Jeff Crippen says in his article “Christless Religion is Always Abusive” the following statement: “Christ is the central and chief theme of the Bible in both Old and New Testaments.  His disciples could not understand the Scriptures until He opened their minds to this fact.  They just didn’t get it. Neither do many who claim…

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“Staying for the Kids” by Mother B

Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 2:28 PM Subject:article 🙂 “I’m staying for the kids’ sake” we hear  this over and over again. Men or women who have tried for years and  years to make something beautiful out of their marriage. They have done  everything they could think of to try to connect, to be good…

“Believe Her”

Believe Her MeganC♦ October 16, 2012♦ 27 Comments This post was written by Megan C.  Thanks Megan for allowing me to use it. * * * * * The first time my ex husband physically hurt me, I felt relief. Now, I could maybe tell someone who I had suffered PHYSICAL abuse and, often, people are…


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I know it is hard to image:) but my teenage son and I were driving to the mall last night to eat Sbarro Pizza at the food court (his request) and we heard a COUNTRY song about ” marrying your high school sweetheart.” And my son said, “Mom, does that really happen …and if it does…

Why an Acorn is More than a Nut with a French Beret

I think I am in heaven. Really. And oddly,  just a couple of days ago the place that I am so contentedly sitting right now would have been unbearable. It is amazing what a little time can do. I knew this day would inevitably come…it had to after all. After July comes August, then September, then October…that is the way it works. I’ve learned that if I can wait patiently during times that are less than pleasant, and keep in mind the sage words, “This too shall pass” that everything will work out. Tracy McMillan says, “Everything works out in the end…if it hasn’t worked out, it’s not the end.” I really believe that.

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