My last devotional was written over two months ago!  I would say that is “Not -So  -Daily” for sure!

Why do we let so much “busy -ness” get in the way of doing important things? Do we really need to go get the clothes out of the dryer and put another load in the washer? Why, YES! I do… right now as a matter of fact because I have a BUNCH of kids… and we live in a world where nudity is frowned upon… and even though it is 75 degrees out side in Alabama right now, it is only 2 days until Thanksgiving… so there is a chance that the temperature could plummett at any time… and then we would be in a FIX if we were naked.Fortunately I have not shaved my legs today… because if there is one thing that frustrates me it is when I get goose bumps from a chill right after I shave… why do goose bumps make hair grow anyway? Instead of a hat on my head I should wear a ice pack on my head because THAT is the hair that I want to grow!

Oh well. I guess I will walk down stairs to the laundry room… and do the dry and clean removal, stuff the clean and wet in the dryer, insert the dirty into the washer, carry the dry and clean up the stairs,  dump it on the couch with the other six loads…to sit in a massive pile all week… unless I get everything else on my never finished “to do” list done. That is the Laundry Routine. People ask me if I work out because I have freakishly defined arm muscles. I say, “No. I just do A LOT of laundry.” So, here I go. I may return in a minute to finish this post… if I don’t get eaten by a mound of dirty towels that have generated a flesh eating bacteria. Yuck. Now I am thinking steam clean for sure…. be back soon. I hope.

Made it! The jean pile looked safer… the towels will have to wait (probably just what the bacteria was hoping for!) And now I have a bowl of chocolate chips to keep me company… at least until they are gone … in a few seconds.

I wrote a post earlier today and I included the verse Jeremiah 29:11. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

I have several friends who are going through A LOT right now. I have been going through a less than ideal situation myself for a while. So does God really have a plan or are we just free-falling… quickly on our way to smashing like a dropped pumpkin?

Another quote I included in my post is, “And if you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans.”

It is our nature to hope and wish and plan. We are told to “ask” and we are told that it will be given. We are told to “seek” and that we will find. But what if what we want isn’t what is best for us? Or what if we have to wait when we ask? What if there are lessons that we have to learn before we can appreciate what God really has in store for us? What if the lessons we learn in the seeking process are painful?

One day I will write a story about my husband… it is a true romance… as romantic as it gets.But suffice it to say, that we had to wait for what we got. Would we have loved each other when we were children had the opportuntity presented itself? I have no doubt… We are meant to be together… but we might not have known that then. We didn’t know then what we know now… from our seperate and often difficult journies. Growing up together and falling in love early wasn’t part of God’s plan for us. We had to find out in our own ways that no person is enough… that without God as the glue, nothing will last. We would not have appreciated what we had. I think that we would have loved each other forever even if we had begun our romance as children… but it is because we lived and learned so much about everything else…some good and some bad… Now we have a maturity and a strength that was forged in hot fires before we became one that make us able to support each other…now we are adults in real, true love…not children playing at love.

I have dreams and hopes and plans…I want to have my family together. I want to make a living writing stories that mean something and that make a difference. I want to raise my children so that they are strong and happy and healthy… and I want to see my grandchildren and great grandchildren… and maybe even great-great grandchildren. I want to love my husband everyday forever. But I don’t know what will happen. I can ask… and I can seek…. but ultimately I have to trust that “Father knows Best”. I am not the little woman with the bleach blond coiffed hair, apron and no voice though. I am the child. I am coming to my Father with my hands outstretched and open. I am trusting that all of my needs will be met… all of my hearts desires will be seen and considered and in time everything that God plans for me…everything will happen that is of benefit to my life, the lives of others and God’s Kingdom… God’s plans will be made known to me… all that I need will be given to me. And it will be better than I could have ever hoped for. It already is. Peace.

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